Sunday, October 6, 2013



Okay, so after all this, where are we? What’s left?

I’m as confused as when I started. Why are you doing this? Why do you keep trying to knock off this one insignificant planet?

I’m going to give you the reasons galactic wars and planetary invasions are fought. Let’s see if any of these situations apply to Earth at all.

Number one: The planet in question is the homeworld of an aggressive enemy who poses an imminent threat to your people. That sure as hell doesn’t describe Earth. They weren’t your enemy until you came down and started blowing the hell out of stuff. Before that, they didn’t even know you existed, so how can they be your enemy? Even if every human man, woman, and child was lusting for your blood of vital bodily fluids, what are they going to do about it? They don’t have a space fleet! They can barely make it to their own frigging moon! How are they in any way an imminent threat to your world?

Number two: Said planet serves as a major enemy base or is major supplier of war material for the enemy. Again, does this describe the Earth? Hell, no! They don’t have a hidden base full of Juggernaut class warships. Even if there was a warship fleet in their system, it’s a safe bet the humans know nothing about it and are in no way providing any kind of support. With their tech level, they can’t even begin to make vital war material, at least as we understand the term.

Number three: Said planet or system is a source of great wealth, either through natural resources or advanced manufacturing. Not even close. The planet’s solar system has plenty of untapped resources, but the humans can’t even reach most of them. You don’t need to waste ammo on them in order to claim their resources as a prize. And I haven’t even mentioned the fact that the nearest star systems to Earth are uninhabited, and just as loaded with resources. As for advanced manufacturing, you’re trying to make me laugh, maybe so I won’t beat the crap out of you later. The humans’ tech level is so low they couldn’t even manufacture uniforms or toilet products. They could try, but the results would be messy.

Number four: Said planet occupies an important strategic position and has the ability to defend it from outworlder forces. We’ve just been over this. Even if Earth somehow occupies important space, they don’t have a fleet to defend it. Therefore, breaking off military resources to go attack them is a waste.

Nothing. Not a single motive makes sense. War is an expensive enterprise. It doesn’t suffer fools. But even fools have their reasons. I’m asking you one last time. Why do you continue to invade the Earth?

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