The Author

My name is Michael J Lee

I'm the author of My Frankenstein and From Russia With Blood. I'm now presenting my latest, How to Invade the Earth for free on this blog.

I've been a story consultant and contest judge for a number of years now.

I was born in Detroit. My parents were originally from Montreal but thought Detroit was a better place to start a family. Oh well, who needs great cuisine and a bilingual environment, right?

We moved to Connecticut when I was about eleven. I was just starting to appreciate being right next door to New York City when we moved again to Cleveland. Which is why I'm a long suffering Browns fan instead of moderately frustrated Giants fan. Yeah they have two world titles. They're great when they get to the playoffs.

Then I spent some time in LA where I acquired some much needed knowledge and some great friends. How to Invade is a pet project of mine that I hope everyone who visits will enjoy.

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