Wednesday, October 9, 2013



WAR HAWK: What’s going on?

MODERATOR: Sardonus Jek has arrived.

(At this moment Sardonus Jek enters the symposium hall. Jek is wearing one of her sleekest most form fitting suits of power armor.)

JEK: Yes. I’m here. I’m here. Kaeyn, darling it’s been too long.

WAR HAWK: That it has. Dramatic, as always.

JEK: Couldn’t help it. You’re right about the lack of apparent motive to conquer the terrans. But there is something on Earth that you’re missing.

WAR HAWK: Enlighten me.

JEK: Have you ever wondered why so many races have compatible proteins with the humans? The Gorgonians, the Sondrak, our race?

WAR HAWK: It is a curiosity.

JEK: It’s a legacy. Ages ago, our worlds were seeded by something ancient and powerful. On Earth, it left more than just DNA.

WAR HAWK: What did it leave?

JEK: Something big. It’s the key to conquering the whole galaxy. The Earthlings don’t even know it’s on the planet. Not directly. It’s embedded somewhere in the race memory. That’s why we need to conquer the place. That’s why we don’t need the Earthlings help or their consent. We just need to torture enough of them to reveal the location of…

WAR HAWK: Of what?

JEK: No. That information is for members only. Each one of us here has dedicated ourselves to this cause. The others have failed before, but they won’t this time.

WAR HAWK: You going to lead them?

JEK: Yes.

WAR HAWK: Need a second in command?

JEK: I don’t know. You sounded a little soft.

WAR HAWK: And you sound a little deranged. You talk about ancient gods leaving some all-powerful weapon on Earth. That is the craziest story I ever heard. I’m not surprised this lot believes it. Magic demons are about the only way they’ll ever be more than galactic bottom feeders. But you, Jek? I know you. You’re not crazy or stupid.

JEK: I’ve been shown the truth.

WAR HAWK: Want to share?

JEK: Are you offering to join us? We’re taking off after this. The last big push that will finish the Earth. Thanks for the valuable information, by the way.

WAR HAWK: I’m being compensated. But if you’re offering? Yeah. I’ll join. As long as I find out what the big weapon is.

JEK: Is that all you desire from me?

WAR HAWK: We’ll talk about private matters privately. This is business. What’s the weapon?

JEK: I’ll tell you once we’re on our way. You know, you’re lucky I’m not the jealous type. I heard about what you did while you were on the Earth.


JEK: Yes. Wasting your time with an Earth maiden. Was she a sweet distraction?

GENERAL DRONN: Is that the same lady who said you looked like a slob with a gun belt slung over your shoulder?

JEK: How would she know that…? You bastard. You really love her. Then why -

WAR HAWK: Not too late to change sides, Jek.

JEK: Get him!


JEK: He’s working for the humans! This was a trick to try and talk you out of invading.

(There’s mass confusion as the whole symposium draw their weapons on War Hawk, who stands behind his podium.)

JEK: Was she worth it Kaeyn?

WAR HAWK: Every bit. And two more things. One: I brought my own podium.

(At that exact moment the podium changes revealing that it secretly housed a very impressive cannon.)

WAR HAWK: Two: I didn’t come alone.

(Immediately behind War Hawk, several Earth soldiers de-cloak along with several of his known associates including Drac, Horn and Aiyana.)

WAR HAWK: Told you to switch sides.

(A massive blast and the video turns completely white.)



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