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I started How to Invade the Earth because I really enjoy films like Independence Day and the George Pal War of the Worlds. Hell I was even one of the dozen people who actually liked Cowboys & Aliens. But as a lover of military history a couple of things always struck me as wrong. For example the bit about how the Aliens in Cowboys & Aliens are after Earth's gold? Boy is that ever a howler. And there were other things. Hell even The Avengers, a film I truly love had me asking, "If they're trying to conquer the Earth, why are they busy shooting up civilians in this one city."

So I started compiling a book about what an alien campaign against Earth should look like and how that stacks up against what we normally see in movies. But you just can't have a list of dry facts and figures. So in comes a character I've been on since my Junior High days. Like a lot of people I made up my own comic book characters when I was a kid. And in the back of my mind I've been tweaking the idea and the concept over the years. So that's why this is also the story of War Hawk. The idea that this takes place at a symposium where all the defeated aliens have assembled to learn what they did wrong. And boy is War Hawk going to tell them. He has some sound advice for the assembled guests. But they might not like how this presentation ends.

I hope you all enjoy. I'll be posting chapters on weekly basis.

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Michael J Lee

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