Monday, September 2, 2013



Talking about infiltration is a good lead-in to this next target. There have been other visitors to Earth. These guys didn’t come as invaders, though their motives weren’t entirely pure. Each was successful, and each took a very unusual tactic. None of these operations was as ambitious as trying to take over the whole planet, but that was a large part of their success. They had limited, concrete goals that they wanted to achieve and they devised a plan to get what they wanted. Their plans are going to sound a little odd though.

For background, Earth is a very strange place. Its inhabitants have vivid imaginations. The mental landscape is full of urban myths and legends. Incredibly, some of these myths concern aliens. These myths endure with many people despite contact with real aliens. Like I said, it’s a very strange place. But because the Earth has been invaded, because they’ve seen you and know what you look like and how you operate, these alien myths are even more widely discredited. And that’s where each of our next three subjects found success. Earth authorities are on the lookout for aliens, sure enough, but they’re looking for real aliens. By posing as fakes, these next operations were able to remain hidden and discreet.

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